Thursday, November 04, 2004


It was announced that the new managers of the METS and PHILLIES will be Willie Randolph and Charlie Manuel.

Good Luck gentlemen, your going to need it.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


In Game 6, the Diamondbacks get 21 hits in the first six innings against the Yankees to set a record for hits in a World Series game. The previous record of 20 was established by the 1921 Giants (Game 3 vs Yankees) and the 1946 Cardinals (Game 4 vs Red Sox).

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Welcome Sox fans. It seems that in the times of this day and age, along with winning comes some sort of dispute. Something that everyone not involved with your "glee" tries to tarnish. After winning the WS, and doing the obligatory tour of talk shows, it appears that Kevin Millar stated that the TEAM did shots of JD prior to Game 6 during the ALCS. After winning Game 6 they continued to do shots before Game 7 and then throughout the WS. The had to continue right, the MOJO was on.

Why would anyone express this on TV? Did he think that no one was going to make a big stink over this? Is he that dumb? It is bad enough for these guys to be in the public eye every minute of the day, but when you say something like this on TV, you deserve what you get. Why do these athletes feel the need to be in the spotlight all the time? Talk about starving for attention. On one hand they want to be on TV, talking about themselves and the next minute they don't want you to judge them for things they say.

Well, unless you come over to my house and sit down with me and we get to know each other, I am going to have to judge you by what I hear come out of your mouth during interviews. And if you don't want me to look at you in a bad light from what you say in an interview, DON'T SAY ANYTHING STUPID during the interview because believe it or not, I am not the only person that is judging you when you open your mouth.

Friday, October 29, 2004


Here is a little background for the "tailgate" next October:

The event is located on the Moorland Farms in Far Hills, NJ. This is one of NJ's biggest social events of the fall season. The event is a Breeders' Cup Steeplechase. I have never been to a steeplechase race in my life. Actually, from talking to a few people that have gone to this event over the years, it is more of a tailgating party than a steeplechase race. (an old boss of mine has gone for the past 10 years and he said that he is yet to see a horse)

Here is some info from the web site.

This world-class event mixes society with sport, bringing families, race enthusiasts, organizations and corporations together for a day of racing, high fashion, food, networking and celebration. The Race Meeting also hosts the Breeders' Cup Steeplechase, the nations' most prominent steeplechase race.

Since the 1950's, this unique annual event has raised more than $15 million for the Somerset Medical Center,,through the Somerset Medical Center Foundation. The Race Meeting has profoundly impacted the medical's centers growth and ability to offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art medical services to NJ residents.

Nearly 50 major corporation (the networking part) reserve corporate tent space each year, with many more taking reserved parking tailgating spaces. Family and friends create unique and often extravagant fall picnic areas, complete with beautiful floral centerpieces, haybale seating, ice carvings and culinary feast. (I can not promise any of that. But I can promise food and beer) For many visitors, the Race Meeting is a time-honored tradition and reunion of family and friends.

The Moorland Farms grounds open to the public at 8 a.m. on race day and they do not kick you off until 6 p.m.

The price of the event is not cheap. Right now I am thinking about $125 per person (children under 14 free). This includes two premium tailgate parking spots close to the race, food, drinks, toy for the children attending, festive decorations and possible a little surprise the day of the race. To me this is a small price to pay for annual traditions and reunions.


The head trainers for three of the four MLB playoff teams graduated from Springfield College: Boston's Jim Rowe (class of '87), Houston's Dave LaBoissiere ('74), and Barry Weinberg ('73) of the Cardinals .

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Does Nomar Garciaparra who played 38 games in Boston get a World Series ring from the Red Sox?


If form holds, the Red Sox' well-earned rings will be handed out in a ceremony April 11 when the 2004 World Series championship flag is raised above Fenway Park for the home opener. The team in the third base dugout for that historic event? The New York Yankees.


Who would be interested in a tailgate party around mid October of next year? It is not a football game, soccer game or baseball game. But, this year it turned out more than 50,000 spectators. With all the benefits going to a local hospital, I have heard this is a fun event. If enough people wanted to go, I would be willing to volunteer my wife as chairwoman to set it up for 2005. This might be a good time for everyone, and their families to get together for one fall afternoon. I can think of about 14 people that I think would be willing to participate, including but not limited to: myself, wife (haven't come up with a nickname or blog yet), doc, mrs. doc, mudge, blair, blair's wife, alan (if he can schedule it). This is a start to a list, I think the more the better.

Let me know if you want more information about the event. If there is enough interest, I think it might be a lot of fun.


Good news for the O's. The O's signed Palmeiro to a one year deal yesterday. He may be older but I still think he is one of the most consistent hitters of his time. With only a couple, maybe only one, years left in baseball, I am glad to see that Palmeiro will most likely retire as an O, and go into the Hall of Fame as an O also.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Sorry for the negative MOJO for Boston fans, but did you know that there has been only one team in post season history to come back from a 0-3 deficit. Is it possible that it could happen two times in one year? Now that would be history.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Probation for Nelson and Garcia

Associated Press BOSTON -- Two former New York Yankees players who allegedly assaulted a Fenway Park groundskeeper during the 2003 American League Championship series agreed Tuesday to a deal that calls for the charges against them to be dropped in six months. Pitcher Jeff Nelson and outfielder Karim Garcia agreed to probation at a hearing in Roxbury District Court. The players will perform 50 hours of community service and be evaluated to determine whether they need to attend an anger management program.


With Sunday's victory, Curt Schilling became the first pitcher to win World Series starts for three teams (the Sox, Diamondbacks, and Phillies) Most pitchers do not even get a chance to pitch in a World Series, let alone win with 3 different teams. Hats off to Schilling!!!

Monday, October 25, 2004


It has just been reported that the Florida Gators fired coach Ron Zook. He will continue to coach until the end of the season, and then he is gone. Could this be a shot for Steve Surrier to get back into the college game after a horrible, and short, NFL career? If the Gators take him back, how do you think the fans would take it?

Friday, October 22, 2004


So how did he go from George Herman Ruth Jr. to simply "The Babe?" According to, it happened when Ruth was 19 -- long before the Red Sox traded him to the Yankees and unleashed the "Curse of the Bambino." Jack Dunn, the owner and manager of a Red Sox minor-league team named the Baltimore Orioles (yup, that's right) recognized Ruth's talent and signed him to a contract. When other players saw the strapping young player, they called him, "Jack's newest babe." And Ruth has been known as the Babe ever since.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Here are two things that disturb me about Yankee fans: 1) They seem to lump the last 75 years together and call themselves the greatest team ever. What about the years in between when they were bad. Do they just get rounded off? 2) The other thing that bothers me about Yankee fans is that some of them joined the ban wagon because it was easy to be a Yankee fan. Now let's not get our panties in a bunch. If you have been a Yankees fan all your life then my respect goes out to you. What bothers me is the people that have been Yankee fans since the 90's. These people do not know about the traditions of Yankee baseball. When I was growing up, in my house that is all that was on the TV. Yankees. I grew up watching Munson, Hunter, Dent, Rivers, and so on and so on. In '89 when I moved to MD to go to college I became an O's fan. Part of becoming an O's fan was geographical and the other part was that I started seeing all these "fake" fans starting to join the Yankee movement. And I did not want to be lumped in with these folks. This is the same sort of thing that has happened to the Dallas Cowboys. (sorry Alan I know I am picking on your two teams)

The Curse is gone.....

Where do we start? What a game!!! I hope for Sox fans (and O's fans like myself) that the "Bambino Curse" is gone and the Curse against the Yankees has started. The curse that I am talking about is the "Demon (Damon)Curse". With the "Demon Curse" in affect, the fact that Padro is going over the hump, and the Yankees pitching staff is on a rebuilding year, this might give the O's a chance at contending next year. (Maybe I am too hopeful)

Now I just hope, for the sake of good sportsmanship, that the Yankees fans do not start quoting the history books. Just man up to it and admit that Boston had a better team this year. And if you want to quote history, isn't this the first time in history that a team has come back from an 0 - 3 start to win a 7 game series? I think so.

And to that I say in my best NY/NJ accent: "Yo, I gots your history right here".